The Team

Our Mission

Increase our customers’ competitive advantage by implementing industrial automated robot systems.

Our Culture Statement

Our company is constructed on providing superior customer service and providing reliable quality products while maintaining a high level of integrity with our customers and with each other.


We believe quality and reliability is essential and mandatory for providing superior customer service. Quality of work will never be compromised and is non-negotiable.


Our integrity will be exhibited through honesty, respect, and the willingness to listen to our customers’ concerns and needs.

We apply the same integrity when communicating with one another within our company.


Our work will be accomplished within a team-based environment supported by a positive, can-do attitude and a willingness to continue learning new systems and designs. Team members will be valued as we do our families while maintaining a solid and practical business mindset.


To ensure our long-term business success, we will make the difficult decisions for the benefit of our customers and our team members.


We hold ourselves accountable to our customers and to each other by providing a reliable system of dependable and predictable support.


Team Members

Employees, customers and suppliers are all consider team members at S&R Robot Systems. This team effort, as outlined in the “Culture Statement” is the family that provides success to all projects.

The Visionary
R.Maurice Reagan – Maurice started S&R Controls and S&R Robot Systems with over 20 years’ experience in the industrial automation industry. His passion established the S&R culture into what it is today; one focused on integrity, reliability, and quality. He envisioned products and services designed to improve customers’ competitive advantage, a mutual benefit to all stakeholders.
The Conductor
Jason B.Reagan – Jason started his career as a mechanical designer. Working for a number of large corporations, he led numerous product development projects, many leading to multiple patents for various companies. As a team member, Jason provides a general management link with all team members; customers, employees, and vendors. “Customers need suppliers that take care of their needs, before, during and after and project. This is how we operate.”

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