S&R Advantage

Turn- Key Robot integrator

S&R Robot Systems LLC is a full service robot  integrator, providing industrial robot solutions which improve the clients competitive advantage. S&R Robot Systems designs, builds, and installs robot packaging and robot palletizing systems which complete complex tasks including packaging, palletizing, depalletizing, and pick-n-place applications. By automating these tasks, the client can reduce long-term expenses, increase thru-put, optimize efficiencies, improve safety, and sustain repteitive quality.

S&R Beginnings

S&R Robot Systems initially started as an industrial automation company; S&R Controls L.P. Over the years, our basis of doing business has not changed; build long term relationships based on trust and respect while making sure the quality and reliability of our products meet or exceeds our clients’ requirements. Our business philosophy has resulted in many long term relationships with satisfied clients.

Sold with Integrity, Built for Reliability

Our motto, “Sold with Integrity, Built for Reliability,” is our measuring sick. Our clients understand that we take commitments seriously; we say what we do and we do what we say. In addition, our products are designed and built for reliability. We understand the negative effects of down time on any production system and this is why we provide the most reliable products at the greatest value. Quality, integrity, team effort, a business mindset, and accountability are the core points of S&R Robot System’s culture. This foundation is the commitment that S&R Robot Systems provides to all stakeholders; “Sold with Integrity, Built for Reliability.”

Our Team

Our actions, standards, and procedures are measured against our culture statement.

What to Expect

S&R Robot Systems provides evaluations, studies, and quality testing to ensure customer satisfaction with the finished product.


S&R Robot Systems is constantly looking for partnerships and associations to help strengthen our ability to serve our clients.

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