Robot Systems

Integrated Robot Systems

S&R Robot Systems LLC delivers custom robot automation systems. Whether your need is to reduce expenses, increase through-put, or improve safety and quality, our systems can be specifically designed to help our clients become more competitive.

S&R Robot Systems provides automation solutions for various factory processes:

  • Palletization – Automation of palletizing various types of products in various markets.
  • De-Palletization – Automating the process of removing products from a pallet.
  • Case Packing – Automation of packing products in various containers across multiple markets.
  • Pick-N-Place – Automate the precise placement of various products from point A to point
  • Material Handling – The process of automating the movement of material though conveyor systems
  • Industrial Automation – Utilizing PLC based controls integrated with touch screen displays (HMI’s) to automate industrial and process machinery.


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