Advantages of a Robot Palletizing System

Any company that manufactures a product, especially large, heavy items packaged in boxes or bags, and places those items on a shipping pallet, is a candidate for automated palletizing equipment, and there are several choices in the type of equipment these companies can consider. Since automation has made great strides in recent years, one of the top choices today is a robot system because it offers more features and benefits than other palletizing equipment.

According to experts in this specialized equipment area, robots offer many benefits over conventional palletizers. Robots:

  • need less overall space for complete operation
  • can handle heavy loads
  • can handle multiple production lines
  • provide the flexibility to handle various stack patterns
  • offer fully-automated end of arm tool (EOAT) change-over to handle multiple products
  • can adapt to new product extension and/or change-over more easily and cost-effectively than dedicated palletizing equipment
  • can multi-task in the production process to provide case-packing, pallet loading and potentially others tasks in addition to palletizing

As with most other industries, reducing personnel costs to compete in today’s global economy is a top priority for manufacturers. The current focus on continuous improvement requires that all aspects of today’s manufacturing processes be scrutinized to maximize efficiency wherever possible. And, while most manufacturing companies have made significant investment in automating the front end of their production process, many have neglected to update their packaging and palletizing processes, which remain time and labor intensive.

When considering the safety that robots offer when compared to a person stacking and lifting, the overall savings can be even more significant. The benefits are multiplied:

  • Fewer labor hours
  • Fewer claims for workmen’s compensation
  • Damaged products are generally reduced
  • Errors are reduced
  • Returns are reduced
  • Shipping costs on both ends go down
  • Overall product cost is reduced

S&R Robot Systems takes all these factors into account when designing your robot palletizing system. Since we have been building complex control systems for over a decade, we are able to not only see the bigger framework of your packaging needs, but we know where the problems are likely to arise, and we will mitigate the likelihood of those problems. With consulting, project management, design, implementation and monitoring all part of our expertise, S&R can develop palletizing solutions for virtually any industry.

Contact us today at 972-271-5203, x30, or for a free automation assessment, and let us show you the advantages that a robot palletizing system can provide for you.

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