Robots Sales Continue to Boom in North America

North American businesses continue to lower production cost by implementing robot systems. The robot industry has enjoyed a year of strong sales, according to

“Robotics companies based in North America are enjoying another strong year, with new orders up 20%, according to the Robotic Industries Assn. (RIA). An estimated 225,000 robots are used in factories here; the U.S. is second only to Japan in robot use. It’s still only the tip of the iceberg in market potential, however.

North American companies ordered 16,363 robots valued at more than $1 billion in the first nine months, a unit increase of 20% and value increase of 29% compared with the same period in 2011.“

“The robotics market shows significant room for growth, Burnstein indicated. “Many observers believe that only about 10% of the U.S. companies that could benefit from robots have installed any so far,” he said. “Among those that have the most to gain from robots are small and medium-sized companies.” | “North American Robotics Continues to Boom”

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